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Welcome to Business Process Management for Small & Medium Businesses from NUhRTURE


Automate Your Manual Procedures Today

Work smarter, not harder!


 bpm gives you the competitive edge

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Would Your Business Benefit From:

• Reductions in your overall costs of doing business

• Reductions in time spent doing day to day business activities

• Improvements in the overall quality of your work/services

• Better management of fulfilling Service Levels

• Improvements in customer satisfaction

• Real-time dashboards & reports showing of the past and current state of your business, orders, etc

• A foundation for continuous process improvement within your business to meet ever-changing needs

• A Hosted Platform, so you do not need to purchase IT hardware and support

• A flexible & customisable platform to meet your business' exact needs

• Over 15 years experience in implementing Business Process Automation


There a hundreds of businesses providing a service just like yours.


What makes your business unique and successful are the processes you execute on a day to day basis – these processes are your unique competitive edge.


Free Up Valuable Time By Automating
Your Day To Day manual Processes


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The concept is simple:

1. NUhRTURE  BPM4SME provide a (low cost) BPM Business Process Management (workflow) Solution Platform to small businesses like yours, previously only available to the large corporates.

2. NUhRTURE BPM4SME convert your documented company Policy, Procedure & Operations Manuals to automated processes which are available via web forms on your company's network and mobile devices.

3. NUhRTURE  BPM4SME work closely with you (and optionally, your Business Coach) to identify where real cost savings and business performance can be achieved. The resulting BPM Solution can be continuously refined to meet changing business needs as your business grows.


No matter the size of your business, a Business Automation Platform allows your to streamline your day to day procedures freeing up time for you, your knowledge workers and your specialists so that time is spent on your business success and not wasted on mundane manual tasks.


BPM Approval process - business process automation

Image above shows at a high level how different work might be driven automatically through your business processes to your staff.


Business Automation with Mobile Device and Smartphone support

The NUhRTURE Process Driven Business Automation Platform supports Mobile Devices and Smart Phones allowing your remote staff to be connected to the day to day business processes and providing greater collaboration.

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We have ready made Process Templates or we can configure Processes to your specific requirements.

It is a bit like Building Bricks - You acquire a basic set, then can add on more to enhance your collection. Start building your business foundation for future growth with Process Driven Business Automation.


About Us
NUhRTURE BPM4SMB consultants have acquired individually over 15 years consulting and delivery of Workflow and Business Process Management solutions to corporate clients (such as ANZ, NAB, State & Federal Government, Optus, Telstra etc). We now bring this knowledge and expertise to you.

By Tony Nudd


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